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bamboo fun (medium) blue tablet with pen, mouse, and graphics software

Now there is just a nice, easy, and exploit their creativity. Wacom Bamboo Fun makes your computer screen so you can freely speak simply by pressing the pen on the tablet. Edit digital photos, draw by hand, create artwork and paintings and even write their own letters. Bamboo Fun includes full editions of valuable creative software to stimulating their creativity. Edit photo effects with Adobe Photoshop Elements, create artwork with Corel Painter Essentials, and apply photo with Nik Color Efex Pro Bamboo Fun works with all software, and is the perfect companion software with special features and tools designed for use with a pen


wacom intuos2 12×12 usb tablet & s/w with intous2 grip pen & 4d mouse (xd1212usb)

Intuous2 XD1212USB Wacom is the ideal tool for graphic designers.Wacom Pen 1212 inch surface of this sophisticated device responds to the pressure of a pen light, wireless, the cursor on the desired design or application of color controls. The Intuos2 Grip Pen is equipped to handle extra large, padded for comfort and precise steering. Includes Corel Painter Classic and Wacom PenTools System 3.0 System Requirements Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, USB port, CD-ROM or PowerMac% u2013 iMac running OS 9 or 8.5, USB port, CD-ROM.

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intuos4 inking pen

Ink Pen Intuos4 This pressure and tilt sensitive pen is designed for an immediate response from the ink on real paper to give. Just a piece of paper on the ink pad and pen Intuos4 can "draw" on paper and digital recording, building on the platform. The Wacom Pen has an "ink" and two points from stdin Intuos4 Series without ink. " The pen is also pressure sensitive Intuos4 Intuos4 Pen, but a switch to rubber or digital divide. Note: If you buy a standard ballpoint pen.

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