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Dresser furniture review

This is a good night for what you pay for. It's more practical bedside there and so I started on May 4 stars (5 would be if it was $ 20 less).

It is made of particle board, high-quality laminate (such as "quality", such as particle board can get, anyway), which a very strong. I had some bad experiences with other furniture link deleted entirely the way I want. The handles have the historical perspective ,dresser furniture. The drawers are great, but the rails and wheels are plastic (it works perfectly, but I prefer metal). The height is about even with metal mattress box standard. Tools needed to assemble a screwdriver hammer (the other leaders of the size facilitates) push past, and a convenient basis of decoration is superb and add style to any furniture. The chest has six spacious drawers, which is so convenient that beautiful. Old metal band enhanced by a pewter finish and antique brass highlights the very comfortable. To coordinate with the collection of the South Shore Versa, the Bureau also coincides with the decoration of existing homes. Engineer Hand

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Big deal for someone who wants a headboard

Overall, it's a big deal for someone who wants a head of practice, type of storage. The price ($ 178) for the king was the best he could find a storage headboard. And "type material particle boards, such as assembling Bed Frame Headboard furniture. The instructions could be a "little clearer in the assembly of storage platforms, but not really a problem. The only thing you really need is cautious in the wake hit the top shelf of the head. Check that the hand and guides them through the holes. Misunderstand this step because I did myself and it was difficult as was the unity of marriage. Only improvement would do is cut holes in the back so the son can pass through a pleasant appearance, clean, if you plan to put a phone or small lamp or an electric clock on the top shelves.

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