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benchmade 950sbk knife rift osborne black gray g10 with smiths pocket manual knife sharpener and fenix keychain flashlight

Fenix Flashlight 950 Rift is packed with features to get the job done. Just turn the hardness, the belly cut large leaves can throw all public services, and G-10 scales very structured and worked to get a handle on any situation

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pelican 2340 mitylite black md: 2340-010-110

Pelican Flashlight. MityLite 2340 Black Flashlight Mitylight 2340 The 2340 is a handy, lightweight, compact, personal, professional but also a powerful flashlight. A form of xenon lamp in concentrate produced a powerful and bright white light. The body is made of unbreakable Xenoy resistant to chemicals and water. The MityLite 2340 has a new button for easy on / off or a flashing light. E "is powered by two AA alkaline cells and safety approved for hazardous conditions is a must for every toolbox Features:% u2013 .Light Source: Xenon Tested Lumen value u2013% u2013% 8.0 Tested lux value (at 1 meter distance) : 1200% u2013 Batteries: 2 AA alkaline batteries u2013% Battery life: 4 hours W:. tension 1.8% u2013:% u2013 3 Height: 6.25% u2013 Weight / Battery: 3.5% u2013 battery weight oz / o: .1. 86 oz Black u2013% Serial Number: 2340-010-110

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terralux tle-5uv ministar2 ultraviolet replacement bulb for 2 aa mini maglite flashlight

TerraLUX MiniStar2 replacement UV lamp for 2 AA Mini Maglite Flashlight is the brightest light in the world with UV 395nm wavelength LED. This coolant is leaking coolant and identify minerals and repairing antiques. Features 1 watt LED lighting is reliable and ultra-violet

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surefire l4 lumamax tactical led flashlight max output: 100 lumens, runtime: 2.5 hours black 2007

Compact (pocket), high-intensity LED flashlight for self defense and general use. Uses a virtually indestructible power LED output (LED) to a smooth,Surefire Flashlight brilliant, pre-focused, tactical-level beam to produce five times the light of a lantern of two D-cell, strong enough to temporarily blind, confuse a person to change the night adapted vision. Small size and high performance makes it a perfect day light transmission. Plant Surefire LED flashlight!.

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