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powermatic 1791100 model 13 6-inch 1-1/2 horsepower edge sander

Rugged and reliable, these 6-inch belt sander with a strong performance edge 1-1/2-horsepower 3,900 meters of surface per minute to run the pellets soften quickly. A large head table supports more hardware, while the finale of the long table supports the contour sanding difficult.


safety speed cut 4375 wbs4375101 10hp wide-belt sander

The Series seventy five Wide belt sander results seriously. With heavier construction than the 3760 wide belt, a roller absolutely adjustable, variable speed DC motor transport table, and huge seven ΒΌ hours of the throat, the Series seventy five Sanders are able to attend work in your atmosphere to buy busy. the big seventy five sanding belt has twenty fifth a lot of abrasive surface than competing sixty belt machines. Larger sanding belts accumulate less heat and debris requiring less maintenance and replacement of the lower belt